Martin Lukáč a Martin Groch: Prima Tunes

Prepared for Gallery Ferdinand Baumann, Prima Tunes focuses on the non-linear passing of time and life’s inclination towards banal repetition through movements, thought-processes, vibrations and gestures that form our reality. A prima tune is a song that one hears constantly – it’s everywhere and inescapable, not unlike our tendency to create patterns of behavior in our own lives, and form habits to comfort ourselves against the fear of the unknown. To watch a basketball that bounces in the same place eternally is somewhat soothing – we can predict the result, we are in control. However, the lull of the pattern, despite its comforting qualities, traps us in its vortex, where we make the same decisions and even mistakes over and over again, because this is easier to do than to “face the abyss of utter unpredictability.” (Ruti, Mari, The Singularity of Being, pg 16)

Martin Lukáč often references motifs of the recent past throughout his work, resurrecting, yet also deconstructing and diverging from them. Socialist-realist forms and primarily mosaics or murals from now defunct sokolovnas or gymnasiums in Czechoslovakia serve as the starting point of the exhibition, their visual imagery of which has been reimagined with graphic designer Martin Groch. Why the focus on and manipulation of past forms? As Niklas Luhmann wrote, “The view of the past changes according to what one wants to see in the present.” (Luhmann, Niklas, Essays on Self-Reference, pg. 210) It’s an attempt to break the pattern, risky and unpredictable as the outcome might be. Prima Tunes’ impulse for change is not a unique one, however, revealing the inclination for repetition to the viewer allows us to essentially choose – we are faced with it, how do we react? Stability or indeterminability? Perhaps just asking is enough to break the cycle – to redirect is to redefine.

Christina Gigliotti

Martin Lukáč (*1989) is a painter and student at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

Lukáč has exhibited his works in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the Netherlands. His most recent exhibitions include “Shooting with M.J!” KIV, “BHG black hole generation”, Galerie UM, “VISVA.CO”, TIC-Kabinet, and “Fail”, Galerie SPZ.